Merry Christmas, everyone!  And this year, for Christmas, in lieu of my usual “Christmas Drawing” I give you a real page, thereby not forcing you to wait a week while I get my act together.  Oh my goodness, yes.

So here we go again.  Poor Tom really is getting to be the pensive type, isn’t he?  Seems like such a man of action when he’s around other people.  But there you go.

The contest is still on, folks!  I have, to date, received NO entries!  So come on, guys.  Did I make it too hard?  Maybe I made it too hard.  But anyway, we still have until the New Year, so in case you missed it or are new, I’m reprinting the rules of the game, thus:

What Movie Is That From?

Yes, by now you all know I’m a huge movie buff, and heck, I can’t help myself, sometimes I throw in a reference from one or the other of my favorite movies.  But I fear I’ve let it get out of hand, so much so that even I have lost track of all the film and TV references I’ve made over the past three years.  So I need YOUR help to track them down!

Here’s how to play:

1) Reread 6-Commando from the start.

2) Look for film and/or TV references, whether visual or in the dialogue.

3) Write them down, noting the Chapter, Page and Panel in which they appear, and the movie or TV show you think they’re from, and send me an email at mike-one-echo(at)viciousprint(d0t)com by noon on January 1, 2012.  For example, if the image at above, here, counted (it doesn’t, by the way, no cheating!), the reference would be “Page X, Panel 1, “Shall We Play A Game” comes from the movie “War Games.”  I’ll only be counting the first email I receive from each person, so check yourself before you hit “send.”

That’s all there is to it!

ONE HUNDRED people, selected at random from the qualifying entries who have found at least THREE will get free 6-Commando stickers from me, postage paid!

TWENTY people selected at random from the qualifying entries who have found at least FIVE will get stickers, AND a free, solid nickel-silver United Nations Alliance lapel pin!

THREE people selected at random from the qualifying entries who have found at least EIGHT will get the stickers, the pin, AND will get a cameo appearance in the upcoming Chapter 4 of 6-Commando!

ONE LUCKY PERSON, selected at random from qualifying entries who has found at least TEN will get the stickers, the pin, AND an actual speaking role in Chapter 4 of 6-Commando!

If you have a winning entry but someone else already has the prize, you’ll get the next lowest.  Now, isn’t that just cool as all get-out?  Don’t you want to play?  Of COURSE you do!  So get reading, get cracking, and get ready for free stuff!

And a clarification, since I was remiss in answering posts last week: I WILL accept video game and other media references, as well.  That’s YES to video games, books, and other media.  So come on, people!  It’s your chance to join the cast of 6-Commando and get free stuff!

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who wrote to me to say Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a safe and happy New Year.  See you in 2012 for the first post of the Apocalypto!  Be well!