Mini-Update, 01.07.2011:

If you didn’t see it on the 6-Commando Facebook Page, I donated some artwork this year to Comic Creators for Freedom, a group of cartoonists who do a yearly drive for financial support to charities that oppose and provide support for victims of human trafficking.  January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the United States, and it’s worth drawing attention to this problem and efforts being made to halt it.  I know it’s awkward donating to charities these days, because of the tight economy, and because who knows what’s really going on out there, but do check out the CCF and consider it.

Original Post:

Happy New Year!  And here’s the first page of 2012.  Rucker had to pull himself together sooner or later, huh?  I’m sure, also, that the military purists will argue against the standard sidearm of the UNA being a revolver, especially since I’m sure at some point I said it wasn’t, but I just liked the look so much better – the .52 caliber High Explosive Jet-Assisted bullets look so good in a cylinder.  And of course, the spread is up for your viewing pleasure for the low cost of nothing but a vote on!  Do check it out – this set of pages looks much better that way!

But anyway.  About the contest: we had a grand total of ONE entry!  Yahoo!  Did I make it too hard?  I think I made it too hard.  But what the hell, it was worth a shot.  And so I’ll have to come up with some other, much MUCH easier contest very soon, to get rid of some of this 6-Commando merchandise.  But to Ulrich, the one contestant, you get the grand prize – a speaking role in Chapter 4.  So congratulations!  I’ll be in touch this week to discuss it with you.

In other news, I’m just cruising into the New Year here, hurtling towards the New Age Apocalypto that’s supposed to happen on December 21.  Is it going to happen, or is it bollocks?  Hmm… I’m going with “bollocks” at this point, but maybe the Mayans knew something we don’t.  Back to basics: let the human sacrifices recommence!

ANYway, here’s to another one, folks.  Keep on rockin’ in a free world.