Lieutenant Colonel Zaballa, please pick up the Gold Retrophone.  No, the GOLD Retrophone.

This is one of those “talking head” pages we all dread, but I did my best to make it interesting.  And although the segue is a bit of a cliché, I do hope you’ll forgive me – I couldn’t resist.  As for drawing this page, it actually went remarkably smoothly compared to last week, even when I found at the last minute that I had to put in more backgrounding to avoid that “lonely” look I so greatly fear in comics.  But anyway.

The end of the chapter is now a mere four pages away!  Can you stand it?  Can you STAND it?   I can’t.  I’m basically freaking out, because I’ve seen some of the guest art that’s coming up when this baby finishes, and it is so totally awesome that I basically had a whole freak-out session when I saw it.  And so although we’re going on an end-of-season hiatus for the spring and summer, let me just tell you that it is still going to be one hell of a lot of fun for you all.  I’m seriously.

In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and posted the next two-page spread (last week and the week before) over on, and I have to say, for all the trials and tribulations of getting my act together on that, it’s one of my better spreads.  So pop on over, cast a vote, and see it in all its glory!

And other than that, I’m just going to take out the garbage and go to bed, like I always do.  And so I’ll just be seeing you all next week!  Be well, folks!