Colonel Haulley is, I think, one of the more nuanced characters in the story.  And he has sides to him that are kind of subtle and unexpected.  I’ve enjoyed exploring his inner workings more in this chapter.  And poor Mike… Oy vey.

So it’s been a cold, cold week here, and in the middle of it, my thermostat blew.  When the temperature in my house suddenly dropped to 40 degrees while the display on the thermostat switched over into Sanskrit, I knew it was time to fix it.  So after some fussing around with the master switches I got the power shut off, and managed to replace the damn thing myself.  All analog this time – the hell with this programmable crap – more trouble than it’s worth, if you ask me.  And after all that, another storm is bearing down on my Secure, Undisclosed Location.  What an utter bummer, man.  I mean, I like the snow, but not when I have a living to earn.  I’d prefer it hold off until the times when I have television to watch, sandwiches to eat, or naps to take.  Those are the times when I like snow.

Anyway, I have to get an early start tomorrow, so I better get to the old good-time sleepery.  All the best, folks!  Here’s hoping I don’t end up snowed in!