And there you have it, folks.  To be continued!

Seven goddamn chapters, man!  If I’ve done my sums correctly, that’s 305 pages, so far.  Good Lord!

So, you may be wondering what’s next, now.  Well, for starters, 6-Commando is going on a little break.  What for, you might ask?  Well, for starters, as I might have mentioned last week (and as you might have noticed with the somewhat sporadic schedule this fall and winter) I’ve been assigned some very heavy responsibilities at work recently, which are requiring a lot of attention.  When I’m in the studio, it’s all business, and the more I’m in the studio, the less non-business time I have on hand.  I’ve also been doing some illustration work around the edges for several game companies, including Vanguard Miniatures, Steve Jackson Games, and a few others.  And finally, you might have been a supporter last year of Volume 1 of Threads, the comics anthology from the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective, for which I produced a 6-page sci fi story called Earthlight.  Well, Volume 2 is underway, and I’m writing and drawing another, longer piece this year, titled A Death at the Gates of Heaven, set in the same universe as a comic I started a long time ago called Hotel Metropolitan (you hardcore readers may remember it from, say, 2008 or so!)  I really enjoyed doing that last year and as I look to expand my repertoire, this is a great opportunity for me to take my comics work in a slightly new direction.

So what does all that mean for 6-Commando?  In the long run?  Nothing.  6-Commando is coming back in May this year, but in the meantime, while I wrap up all the things above, I felt that the end of Chapter 7 seemed like a good chance to pause for a short while; it also felt like I would be doing the fairest thing for all of you, instead of posting just whenever and not sticking to a schedule.

So, there it is.  As ever, when I have the time around the edges, I’ll still post those little things I like to toss in from time to time: the Technical Readouts, for example – we haven’t even touched the South American arsenal yet! But until the last week of May, 2018, regular updates will be on hold.

I’d like to close, however, by thanking all of you for reading, and for being such a responsive, patient, and really insightful audience.  You guys make this comic possible, and I’m already looking forward to getting back to it for Chapter 8!

All the best, folks, and see you soon!