There’s always something suspicious about unloading tanks with no markings on them under cover of darkness.

I owe everyone a titanic apology for being so unconscionably late with this page.  So far, 2018 is turning into the Year of the Workpocalypse, and although I’ve kept up around the edges I’ve been left with very little in me at the end of the day, not to speak of the end of the week.  A set of new responsibilities (combined with some moving targets as far as day to day goals are concerned) is really leaving me drained, and so it’s dragging out the end of Chapter 7, here, unnecessarily.  So for that, I’m sorry.  You guys are all terrific for sticking with me.

Next week is the last page of the chapter.  After that, I’m going to take a little formal time off to hopefully tie off some of the responsibilities I’ve taken on, as well as work on some things that look very promising mid-to-long term.  As ever, you know that this is NOT the Permanent Vacation, or the “Endless Hiatus,” just a little chance for me to get back up to full operating capacity.

More on that next week, though.  For now, though, I’ll leave it here and reiterate how grateful I am to all of you for sticking with it!  All the best, everyone.