Sarah here shows that in at least one area, she has a great deal more sense than Rucker does – she knows when to keep her trap shut.  Colonel Haulley is NOT amused.

So, I am sorry about all these on-again, off-again delays, but things are kind of unpredictable for me at the moment.  It’s nothing like a crisis, just a lot of things that are taking priority over comics.  I’ve explained all this previously, so I’m not rehashing it now, but I do just want to thank everyone who sent me their words of support this past week.  Really and honestly, everyone, THANK YOU!  It does me a lot of good to know that you not only get some entertainment from this comic, but that you understand that doing this in the independent way that I do, with a really heavy regular job into the bargain, is not easy.  So to hear that everyone understands, and also that everyone who has come to this comic reads it in as intelligent and sensitive a way as I could possibly hope for, well – it makes me feel like a success, and that’s really what I’m after.  So many of the comics I love have come to unceremonious ends because of a lack of confidence or a change of heart on the part of the artist, or a feeling that they aren’t making a difference or that nobody cares.  And it does me a hell of a lot of good to know that you are all sticking with me while I do this, and it makes me want to draw, more than ever.

So, I’m off to bed, to face another week of the same.  Again, to everyone, thanks so much!  I’ll see you next week – by hook or by crook!