Well, it looks like the rumors were true – they DID fire on cities after all.  Some of them, anyway.  And I guess someone figured that, Kinshasa being where it was, it would make a legitimate atomic target.   I particularly like how the UNA probe came out.  The last time it was referred to was way back on page 1 – it’s as “Scooper,” a small robotic aircraft designed to sample the air and determine whether there are atomic weapons nearby based on radiation.  Getting one to fly as far as Kinshasa is a task (from Command Post Alpha, it’s at least 1,500 miles, which is a long way for a tiny drone like this to go).  Add to that all the hot particulates in the air after an atomic war, and, well – anyway.

As for me, I’ve just been spending the week like I always do – trying to have it all.  Thankfully, the heat and humidity broke in New England and so I’ve had a very pleasant couple of days.  Had the chance to get outside a bit, went to visit some friends.  A nice few days after all.  It’s good to come up for air, however briefly.

At any rate, I’m off to another week of the same old thing.  Until next time, all the best, folks!