I admit, I had my doubts as to whether this page would turn out.  But sometimes it’s impossible to tell until it’s done whether a drawing will be any good or not, as an old drawing teacher once told me.

This page isn’t really my favorite, I have to admit, in spite of the gigantic tank, which did turn out pretty well.  But it gets the job done.  And on time, too!

Note that I upsized the text another 10% for readbility’s sake.  Thanks to Jim Francis, creator of Outsider, for the tip on that one.  Whoever of you actually read this, please do take the time to check out his work – it’s one of the best-looking webcomics going right now, for my money!

In other news, such as it is, there’s some more stuff in the works here very soon.  For my fellow-grognards over at the Ogre forums, I am working on an Ogre mod for the 6-Commando universe and units.  This’ll be just graphics, mind you – no rules (so’s not to step on anyone’s toes copyright-wise; vide: the Kwanchai fiasco).  But it promises to be pretty cool-looking, anyway.  It’s a longer-range project, but the early prototype counters are pretty promising so far, so check back here frequently!

Beyond that, it’s another week down.  An old friend of mine once told me that if you can do something for three weeks straight, you can do it indefinitely.  And this being week four, it looks pretty straight so far!  Stay tuned, now!