Wow.  Even with a three-day weekend, this one was a challenge to complete.  (For any international readers, of which there are a handful, I know, it’s Labor Day in the United States).  My art projects have a way of filling up whatever time is available.  And the scene inside Command Post Alpha proved to be a significant challenge to color – all those display panels.  Whew!  And taking a day to set up the website threw me off schedule this week to begin with.

But everything is on time and on budget, so to speak, and the next page is on my desk already.  The real challenge of this one, now that I’m sketching the next, was that there were a number of important characters that had to be introduced at once, and a complex chain of command that had to be presented visually.  I think it was rather effective, but maybe just a little crowded.  the text on this one, at web viewing size, had to spill out of the “safe area” for print, maening that there’s already one page that’ll have to be reworked if this ever goes to press.  ‘Course, if I did that, I’d probably use a smaller font overall anyway, since print will hold much better resolution than the screen.  But anyhow, it’s done.  For now.

Well, last week, I waxed philosophical, so this time it’s just a little nitty-gritty about the website.  The web being a visual medium, I’ll be adding goodies to the website very soon – character bios, maps, background material, etc.  This is not really essential to understanding the story, I don’t think, but some people have asked for it (hi, Dominique!) and so who am I to say no?  There is a little taste of it on this page already (look at the world map in the Big Board!) and there’s a lot of stuff I worked up in the early stages of writing.  So stay tuned!  Cool stuff is in the works! 

Real Soon Now!