Another year is upon us, and with it, the winds of change blowing through poor Sarah’s bizarre dreamscape.  What can it all mean?

Well, to me, it does mean something, but I prefer not to impose myself on the experience too much.  In fact, that’s one of my resolutions here for this year (along with trying to stick to my schedule without resorting to half-assed artwork!).  I need to let this story run its course without trying to overexplain or analyze it.  But so far everyone seems to be getting my point pretty clearly.

Anyhow, today I embark upon my new employment, with all the usual mixed-up anxiety and excitement that that entails.  And the commute to Manhattan every day.  Makes one feel quite inadequate.  In fact, the biggest challenge at my stage if “the biz” is in trusting in yourself to have internalized everything you need to know to do your job.  Architecture is really an extraordinarily complicated technical profession – anyone who tells you otherwise is nuts.  You can’t explain it or go through it step by step, you just have to do it.  And so with all the mixed feelings and suchlike, I go forward today and just “do it.”

And at the same time, 6-Commando goes forward apace.  Here are some interesting side notes you may find to be an amusing diversion.  First, over the past three weeks, the number of people marking 6-Commando as a “favorite” on The Webcomic List (the little blue one in the middle at right) went from 2 to 46.  Don’t know what I did, but it’s nice to know I’m being watched!  And according to the Comic Blog Elite (the yellow one at the top) 6-Commando has been read a quarter million times over the last year, by more than fifty-five thousand people.  In the interwebs, that may be peanuts, but to me, it means a lot.

The real question of course, is did I get ahead on my drawing over my vacation?  A little bit, yes, but more importantly, I had a stretch of time to do a great deal of reflecting on story, plot and structure, and I tied up a number of loose ends that have been bothering me.  I also wrote a very difficult scene for Chapter 3, which had not come together before.  I also spent some time editing the first chapter and made some determinations about printing this whole thing up, to wit: the first printed segment of 6-Commando will, God willing, appear early in 2012 as 6-Commando: Last Night Was The End Of The World, encompassing the first three chapters of the story. It will be full color, and I will do my utmost to arrange both a hardcover and softcover version.  That may seem like a negligible accomplishment, but believe me, getting the story structured properly to allow printing in a logical way like this is no small task – a major overhaul of the entire plot of chapters 3-6 was needed and it took a lot of effort to figure it out without ruining the story.

Anyway, we’re still here, and I’m looking forward to another year of good works and good times.  I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year, and as ever – thank you all for reading!  The support is just terrific!