I have to turn in so I’ll keep it brief.  The new job is going great, but the commute is long.  Not bad, just long.  But the work is good and plentiful, so I’m happy.  And Manhattan is proving an invigorating change of pace.

As the the comic, I really stepped into it when I set this dream in the middle of a wheat field.  All this tall grass is a real pain to draw.  But in the end the effect is worth it, I hope.  My favorite panel is the last one.  I admit that, up to now, I hadn’t really “liked” Major Bronniford.  But she’s growing on me, and this page seemed particularly human, the way she’s responding to all this.  And her expressions came out pretty much just right.  So, score.

Anyway, I’m off to bed, with another week’s work to come.  All the best, folks!