And here’s the second half of the spread, as promised.  To see the whole thing all at once, you can either save these files to your desktop, fire up Adobe Photoshop, and knit them together, or, (which is much, MUCH easier) you can nip over and cast a vote for this comic on, by clicking on the banner below.

Yes, this one!

So yes.  In all honesty, landscapes like this are easier for me to draw, as I can take a much more natural and rough hand with it, and the fact that the color palette is so limited made this spread possible on a tight schedule.  But it worked pretty well I think, and accomplished two goals at once.  First, I was able to squeeze in an extra page for all the loyal readers, and second, I was able to move the story forward by a week in less time than usual.  And this marks the halfway point of chapter 2, as well!  So, yeah!

I liked the outcome of this sequence a lot, mainly because it was refreshing to think of two pages at once where usually I do one at a time.  In chapter 1, there was that long banner sequence with the planes and the bombs and what have you, but I drew that piece by piece.  This set of pages was really only possible in the computer, because it gave me a virtual paper to draw on that was far more flexible than bristol would have been.  And the result was really quite satisfactory – so much so that I may try it again soon, if the opportunity presents itself storywise.

So yes.  Thanks everyone for all the patience, the comments, the support, everything!  And to all citizens of the United States, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  See you next week!