Well I bet you didn’t expect to see a full page on time.  Well, frankly, neither did I!  And that’s because I tried something really ambitious – I drew two pages at the same time.  It’s a spread, and this is part 1.  Part two will be delivered on Tuesday.  So that’s TWO PAGES this week!  Yes, I have done this as a bonus, in recognition of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States, and also as a little “thank you” to everyone who’s been so patient while this comic has been through so many rough spots.

I was of two minds whether or not to post these pages regularly or at the same time, but breaking it up seemed like just too much of a tease, and so I decided not to, and instead make it a little bit of extra stuff for everyone.  However, there WILL be a little tease attached: I could not figure out how to make this page available as a large-format spread on the actual site, and it occurred to me that an opportunity was at hand.  So starting tomorrow night, you can, by VOTING for this comic on topwebcomics.com, be able to see this page in a full spread, as I originally drew it, and as it was intended to be!  So if that isn’t an incentive, I don’t know what is!

So anyhow, that basically wraps it up for tonight.  Short one, eh?  So, until TOMORROW (mmyes!) be well folks, and thanks again for the support!