Hi, everybody, and SO very sorry for the long delay getting the site back up.  Fact is, I did as I often do, and failed to look before I leaped, and was compelled to make a very long and laborious upgrade, which as you can probably see, is still underway.  The site is going to look a little bit garbled until I can get it all sorted.  The smart money would probably fix it all offline and upgrade it all at once, but I’m afraid I’m not really smart enough to do that, so I’m just doing my best.  Extra special thanks to Robert, for getting me squared away with the backup system that has saved this site, and Shelby, who saved the database that might otherwise have ruined the whole show.  And, also, after a fashion, to Philip “Frumph” Hofer, whose tough love has gotten me to move to the newer and more stable system I’ll be running for comics from now on, and whose patience with all the irritable cartoonists out there has been worthy of high praise, in my book.  I complain, like we all do, Phil, but in the end, we couldn’t do it without you, so thank you.

Anyway, as I promised, there’s a page to be had!  O yes.  Besides this, my task for the moment is, in the words of a former coworker of mine, to “make-a nice.”  I’ll be getting the thing back to show condition as the week goes on.  Thanks again for everyone’s forbearance and patience.  It’s been a rough patch, the past few weeks, but it’s coming together.

Be well, everyone.