…Including the “unseen” Regulator-I battlesuit of 1980s vintage.  You can clearly see the lineage of other nations’ power armor programs in the Regulator-I, however!

I have to admit, by the way, that I didn’t realize everyone was still checking up on the site during my “vacation.”  By the way, the rumors were true – my tablet broke while I was travelling last week, but I sucked it up and bought a new one, and aside from taking a little getting used to (technology has advanced a lot as regards tablets in the last five years), it’s generally functioning very well.  Or so it seems.

Anyhow, I’m still “on vacation” here, but this was a good chance to finish out the spec card, and get used to my new tablet (which is definitely taking some extra time to program, and practice).

Also, for everyone who was asking, a high-resolution version of the entire spec card (including revisions from last week – thanks for the sharp eye, everyone!) is available simply by clicking here.  See?  See how I didn’t coerce you into voting on some dumb comic list?  I’m with it, man.

All the best, everyone!