Well, here you go, folks.  Finally the crux of the thing – or part of it, at least.

Sorry this is late – I got a little sidetracked yesterday.  And those TREADS!  Good Lord.  Mike always takes a long time to draw with those treads.  On the upside, though I’m finally getting a little vacation.  It’s definitely been a while, and I’ve had the chance to work on comics in a relaxed, non-stressful way, which is wonderful.  I’m working, of course, on 6-Commando, but also on another book I started about a year ago, and, if I’m able, would like to have something to show for next year.  And actually, if you’re interested in seeing it (and haven’t already seen it on my deviantArt page, or don’t feel like searching for that), you can also vote on topwebcomics.com and catch a glimpse of what’s in the works.

But don’t worry – 6-Commando remains job number one!  Apart from, you know, my ACTUAL job.

Oy.  What a thing.  Anyway, though, if I don’t mention it again before then, Merry Christmas to all.  Or if you prefer, a non-threatening, non-denominational seasonal vibe.  All the best, folks!