It doesn’t take much for a tense situation to get out of hand.  Events have a way of accelerating when you really wish they wouldn’t.

So I’m not writing much this week.  Basically, it’s all but certain that I’m going to have to move my entire living arrangement in the next few weeks.  Realtors have been bringing potential buyers through my apartment at intervals, and though I’ve been trying to put a good face on it, it’s quite clear that the vast majority of them can’t wait to get rid of me so they can tear the house down.  However, I have a good possibility “two towns over,” as they say, that my own realtor is looking into for me, so we’ll just see what comes of it.  God willing, this will all be over very, very soon; but if there’s a service interruption here, that’s what it means.  Things are moving quickly, and I’m kind of just trying to roll with it.

And now, I must sleep.  Man, this has been a hell of a couple days.  Hoo BOY.  I’ll tell you the whole story sometime I’m sure, but for now… sleep.  All the best, folks.