This is the first we see of Santelli.  Well, his eyes, anyway.  And his scars.  He’s a field infantryman who’s seen quite a bit of action, after all.  I’m not sure it ever comes up in the story, so I don’t mind mentioning that he was in Mosul with Major Rucker in the early 1990’s, during Operation Scimitar – Rucker was with the Third Armored, Santelli with the First Continental Infantry.  So the two share a little combat history.  What happened in Mosul, well, I won’t get into that now.

As for me, Well, this was an eventful week, but nothing comic-related, all just the same kind of thing I always deal with at work. And next week promises more of the same.  Autumn, however, has been spectacularly beautiful in New England this year, and I have managed to get in some time outdoors, which I missed last season for all the various reasons I always end up having to deal with.  It’s also been quite cold, and my thermostat keeps deciding to turn itself off for no reason – you have to set it on some kind of timer which is really annoying and doesn’t work, like, at all, and I can’t figure the damn thing out.

At any rate, my mundane life aside, I’m doing okay.  The chapter is almost over, and I’m planning a few weeks off at the end of it.  Then, on to Chapter 5.  So, slowly but surely, we’re moving ahead.  For now, I’m off to bed, as ever.  All the best, everyone.