Hey, everyone – I’m close but not quite ready with the next page.  By tomorrow night I think I can have it ready.  It’s only a brief delay this time, I promise.  See you all tomorrow!

Wow, even I find this page depressing.  But there it is.

This week, I actually managed to do everything.  I did my work, I had meetings all over the known universe with all sorts of people, I fulfilled my social obligations, and made it back home in time to draw another page!  It doesn’t happen that way too often, but when it does, it’s pretty all right, I have to say.  I apologize for not being too talkative in the responses this past week – I read them all, though, I assure you!  But I thought you’d rather a new page than a witty rejoinder, so…

Anyway, it’s late and I’m beat, so I’ll sign off, there.  Be well, everyone!