Sorry about last week, everyone – I got hit with a pre-Thanksgiving deadline at work.  We made the cut, but it was a tremendous amount of work that left me working through the weekend and most of the first part of the week, pretty much straight.  However, here we are, back on top of things… more or less.

By the way, to head off any disfavor my probably radically improper use of Arabic here, panel one says “Medical Team!” and panel four says “Bring up a stretcher!”

Anyway.  I hope everyone in the United States enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  (I’ve been rather roundly called on this in the past, so let me say that I know Canada has Thanksgiving, too, but yours was back in October).  Mine was superb – my brother cooked and he did a spectacular job.  I’m wishing I had a little more of that turkey right now, as a matter of fact.  And a few days off certainly didn’t hurt either – I only wish I had a few more of them.

At any rate, it’s business as usual for a few weeks, from the looks of it.  But who knows what will happen next week.  More meetings may lead to more deadlines.  Which is good, because it means work for the next few years, but it’s been very disruptive to the comic, as you all know.  But that’s as it is.  Everyone knows I’m far from giving up on things – sometimes late, but never missing for long!

All the best, everyone!