Oh my goodness, yes.  Finally, you get to see that gigantic pistol everyone’s toting around!  And the young Lieutenant here is nervous about that thing with good reason!  Yes indeed.

In spite of a lot of work and meetings this week, I was able to really get into this page and add in all the detail I really like to.  Sometimes, even now, I have to cut corners, but this page was really a great deal of fun to draw, and came out as I’d wanted.  Sometimes it all just clicks, thank God.

So a few things.  First, let me tell you again in case you missed it that I did a little charity work recently for Comics Creators for Freedom, who are doing a fundraising drive for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, from now until 20 January.  Check out their website and if you feel comfortable doing it, please consider a donation.

Second, I am so totally thrilled to have made to such a high position in the comics rankings lately – I appreciate the votes and the visibility!  So to keep you all voting, and to say “thanks!” I thought I’d start trying to put up a new incentive every week if I possibly can, and this week is a preliminary sketch from part of Chapter 4.  It’s an old friend who will be coming back… vote and see!

And also, finally, as I often like to do, I want to direct you to a comic I’ve discovered that looks to be a really good one.  It’s called May The Rain Come, and although it’s only on deviantart.com at the moment, I think it has enormous potential to go WAY beyond dA, which, though a big enough community, is not reaching the kind of pure readership I think it should.  A little prodding from some very refined readers like you guys might get the creator to put it out to an even broader audience, and even get it in print sooner than later!  It’s the story of William Weasel, who comes home to his small town after years away at war, only to find his life changed beyond recognition and his home town in the grip of a long and mysterious drought.  It’s drawn in an anthropomorphic style reminiscent of the classic Disney films of the Silver Age, but it is one of the truly contemplative and engrossing character studies I always wish animated films in the USA would explore, but they never do.  Please check it out – it’s worth the time.

So that’s enough outta me.  More to come, I can tell you, but for now, I must sleep.  Have a good week, everyone.  Be well!