I don;t have any comments to add to this page – it, more than any other I’ve done so far, speaks for itself, I think.

We’re well and truly underway with Chapter 5, now, that’s for sure.  It was one heck of a week up here in New Eng-A-Lund, what with several major snowstorms in succession, on top of a very busy workweek.  Which is to say, par for the course.

Thanks so much everyone for the support and good wishes from last week!  I don’t think I can say too often that you guys are great readers, and are a real blessing to someone like me.  Your willingness to engage, your real showing of interest in what I’m doing here, is really wonderful, and makes it a lot easier for me to sit down each week and crank out another page.  So thank you all for everything!

Until next week, all the best, folks!