This page requires, I think, that you forgive me on two counts.  First, the language, although I’m sure you’re all used to a few twists and turns in this so far.  And second, the homage to The Big Lebowski.  But the moment was too good to pass up – when you’ve done it as well as the Coen brothers, well, you’ve pretty well set the tone for all that follows.  Lapsus vero quod deprehenderis, facile pro tuo benignitate, mihi, ut spero, condonabis.

Nevertheless, I’m glad Sarah is finally standing up and asserting herself a little – she’s been too passive for too long, and this is the first chance she has to really get involved.  Well, of course, in the revised first chapter, she does blow away that PA trooper.  And she does have a pretty groovy fistfight with Sgt. Vissarionov.  So, okay, I take it back.  Still, she looks pretty good on this page, if I do say so myself.

At any rate, this week I’m starting an extended summer schedule so I have to get to work early tomorrow.  So I’ll sign off without any more snarky or self-deprecating remarks.  Until next week, be well, everyone!

Oh, except for this: to everyone out there, Happy Father’s Day!  My own dad died about a decade ago, and I miss him terribly.  But he had a huge impact on me, and what I do, and how I live my life, for which I am eternally grateful.  He was a truly great man. So to all you fathers out there – be good to your kids.  You’re key to building a worthwhile future for the world.

And NOW it’s time to go.  All the best, everyone!