I have not abandoned 6-Commando.  But it has been a very, very long time – much longer than I had ever imagined it would be.

Since last year, I’ve changed jobs, changed homes, undergone a major health crisis and recovered, endured the thread of global plague and two (count ’em) enforced quarantines, and the death, funeral, and mourning of someone so close to me in the midst of all of it.  For some time, I’ll be honest, it has felt like I can never get better again.  I have had to deal with death more often and in more different ways than someone my age typically has to, but losing this person has been more like losing a part of myself than I ever thought possible.  Somehow, I continue to move forward.

It has sometimes seemed like more than I can handle.  And more than that, coming back to 6-Commando has often seemed to be kind of futile, when the message I’ve hoped to get across, the real core of what I believe and what I’ve hoped to achieve with my art, seems not only to not be moving forward in the world at large, but to be actively regressing.  Somehow, I continue to move forward.

I know this isn’t quite an update, but to be honest I haven’t put pen to paper in so long I had begun to doubt I could still do it.  But I think I can, in enough accuracy and (God willing) with enough energy that I can finally do what’s needed, and bring the story to a conclusion.  And the worm turns, and is packing a fucking uzi, as the fellow says. So now more than ever I have to set my teeth and do my best to remain honest in a world that now so fully values and clings to the opposite.  Nevertheless, here we go again.  I’m not quite there, but I’m getting there.

Thanks for sticking with me.  Encore une fois!