This is just a little… something.  It was a one-point perspective exercise I was doing that got a little out of hand.  Just so you don’t think I’m on the “Permanent Vacation,” as so many great comics end up doing.  I’m still here, and 6-Commando will be back sooner than you think!

By the way, just to restate the posting policy I have here – you have to add a legitimate email address or it’ll confuse my filters, and they’ll delete your message by default.  If it does get through, I thereafter MARK it as spam, so it adds up on the filter on a continuous basis.  Believe me, I get that some people are nervous adding an email address to a post – but if you don’t, even if you’re legit, making up an email address that’s clearly fake, or is connected to one of my watch lists, flags under my spam rules, so I add it to the spam list.  I had to do that to three or four comments recently.  It’s not ’cause I don’t love ya, it’s just to keep the bots off everyone’s backs, and to keep the site from getting branched and used for nefarious deeds.

Anyway, I’m still on downtime here, but I do try to keep my hand in, anyway!  All the best, folks.