Not a whole lot to say about this page, except to thank you in advance for allowing me the indulgence of a titlecard for Season 2.  When you see next week’s page, you’ll see why I wanted to counterpoint it with something minimal as an introduction to the second season.

Anyhow, I, blessedly, have two successive three-day weekends, now.  This weekend is Columbus Day in the United States, and next weekend, of course, is the New York Comic Convention.  Once again I’ll be there, tooling around, a mere mortal among the titans.  The NYCC always gives me mixed feelings.  I’m happy and excited to have the chance to meet up with some of the great artists I’ve been connecting with since I started drawing 6-Commando: Denny Fincke, Christopher Wrann, Anthony Bourne, and many others.  But at the same time, it drives home for me the weird way in which my life has had to be divided up, with a professional side and a “comics” side, each with their own identity.  It’s an uncomfortable balance for me to strike sometimes.  Outside the comics world, I’ve had a very successful career, one which has given me good pay and a great deal of personal and creative fulfillment.  Inside that world, though, I’m still a rank amateur, and it’s conventions like this one that drive that home to me.  So I admit, I always go into these things with mixed feelings.

Anyway, I won’t be posting any meet-up information this year, since I’m not really going to be trying any major promotion this time – mainly I’m going to see people and just try to take it all in, just for its own sake.  If anyone will be in New York for the convention and would like to get together or meet at the con or anything, you’re welcome to email and we can set something up.  But mainly I’m just kind of taking it easy this time.  Which will ultimately be for the best, I think.

Anyhow, I’m bound to thank everyone for the killer response last week – I’m really glad everyone is coming back to 6-Commando after the hiatus!  And to show my thanks, I’ve posted what I’m calling an “Emergency Pinup” over on  I normally don’t do drawings “just because” but this one came together while I was doing my drawing warmup this week, and I thought you might dig it.  It might be a good habit for me to get into.  Who knows?

Anyway, that’s enough outta me for now.  Have a good week, everyone!