Ah, yes.

So with this, we’re back in the thick of it.  I’ve been dying to do a scene in a snowstorm for some time, but it’s hard to justify it when your comic takes place in an equatorial rainforest.  And yes, to all you military purists, I know that an airstrike in a blizzard is verging on suicidal – but I wanted to draw it, and so I did.  Besides, war makes people do crazy things.  If you don’t feel like doing your research, that’s the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity they’re bombing there.  I had some discussions with the Russian Culture Consultant on this one, and there it is.  I love distressing buildings like this.  Though I don’t mind admitting this cityscape was a real challenge, especially with the snow, and at night.

AN-y-how… as I write this, it’s WELL in advance of the weekend, and that’s because I’m spending this weekend at the New York Comic Convention.  I am playing host this weekend to Jason Brubaker, of reMIND fame, who has come to town to see the sights of New York City, and visit the convention.  If you haven’t seen Jason’s work yet, no doubt you will very soon – reMIND recently ran one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever for a comic, netting over $100,000 to fund a second volume.  Besides which, his work is first rate!  He and I have corresponded on the subject of comics pretty much from the get-go, way back in the Flight Forum days, and so it’s a real pleasure to have him on the Coast here for the weekend.

I also plan to catch up with Christopher Wrann this weekend, who who wrote the guest comic we all enjoyed this summer, as well as Denny Fincke and Tony Bourne, who both contributed, and are spectacular artists I met through NYCC.  All of them, Chris, Denny, Tony and Jason, are great supporters of 6-Commando, and great inspirations to me, and so this weekend promises to be a really good one.  Oh, conventions!  How delightful.

Anyhow, yes.  All still seems to be going well.  And I’m at a loss for anything else of importance to say, so I’ll leave it at that.  See you all next week, folks!