It’s getting really hard to find teasers that don’t give too much away, and after a certain point I have to show sketchwork instead of the actual page parts.  But rest assured that things continue to progress!

This weekend I was traveling, though.  Went to a wedding for two very good friends of mine from years back.  They’re from Iran, as a matter of fact, followers of Baha’i and therefore a persecuted minority in that country.  The groom’s father was kidnapped thirty years ago during the Islamic Revolution, and has never been heard from since; his uncle and several of his cousins and friends are currently prisoners of conscience in Iran.  The bride’s parents were both prohibited from traveling to the United States for the wedding by the Iranian government.  Both of them are practically persona non grata in their homeland.  It was rather shocking, actually – religious liberty is the first and most essential of the protected rights of United States citizens, and one we’re most inclined to take for granted.  The vast majority of the rest of the world doesn’t have that luxury, and I hadn’t truly understood the genuine extent of religious persecution in Iran or its effect upon my friends.  And yet, the celebration was one of the happiest (and most raucous) events I’ve ever attended.  And although I know they still love Iran and hope to return there someday, my personal hope is that they’ll be able to make a good and happy life in the United States, because we need good people like them here now more than ever.  God bless both of you!

So, we’re still moving forward, here.  October gets ever closer.  Soon, folks, soon!