Very much still a work in progress, I am nevertheless moving forward at an acceptable pace with Chapter 4.  That is to say, I finished the first page, which was a total blockbuster and took me positively forever.  But I’ll just leave that for October.  It’s done, leave it at that – and a month early.  Or so.

Anyhow, I must apologize for being remiss in answering all the really kind posts and emails I got last week – I very quickly got snowed under at work and in comics-land, and I’m afraid I failed to keep up.  But suffice it to say that public opinion, with about two vocal but very polite exceptions, has run very strongly in favor of the redirection of effort towards a quick launch of Season 2 and, although it means an effectively indefinite delay to printing the book, it means more good stuff every week, and that’s what I’m going for.  I’m already feeling enthusiastic about the next chapter, and drawing it has been tough but very rewarding.  I’m picking up the pace a bit, but I’ll say right now that, if necessary, I’ll reserve the right to go “irregular” on the schedule every once in a while to keep the quality at a standard I’m comfortable with.  That’s my best compromise.  I do promise however that I will be shooting for the weekly schedule, and at present, I feel very amply capable of it.

So anyhow.  That’s my hedgey and á propos of nothing post for this week.  Just to let you know that things are moving forward, and it’s all falling into place!

All the best, folks!