So close.  So very close now.  And as I attempt to avoid freaking out in advance of the start of Season 2, I give you this piece of tomfoolery (matfoolery?) to tide you over until next week’s Fateful Day, when we gear up for another chapter of 6-Commando.

This week, I have a little bit of nitty-gritty to add to the mix, and it’s about RSS feeds.  I can already imagine everyone’s eyes glazing over.  But basically, there have been a lot of rumors floating about lately about Feedburner being on the chopping block over at Google, which owns the brand these days, and seems to have been making moves towards cutting the service off for some reason.  I use Feedburner to run the stats on the RSS feed for this site, but unlike a lot of other users, I’m not dependent upon it, because it’s just picking up my site’s built-in RSS and redirecting it.  So if Feedburner went away, I’d still have a feed, it would just revert to the original source address (which is, I think).  I’m not in a panic about it, but I know there are some people who like to get this comic delivered to them via RSS.  To you, then, I say that I’m basically riding it out for the moment, and not dumping Feedburner (even though it’s been going wonky lately).  If, however, your RSS feed is terminated unexpectedly, simply reset your subscription to the original RSS link and you should be back to normal.  None of the content will be lost, since it’s all generated by my own RSS script, not by Feedburner.

Anyway, that’s all a lot of nonsense to me, but I wanted it to be out there, just in case.  And to the rest of you, well… let me say, it was a grave temptation to start posting content this week, but I stuck it out, and now have about three or four weeks of “buffer” built up, which is comfortable.  But man, this is going to be a wild couple of chapters.  I hope you’re ready!