This week’s page is by an artist and author who by now, if you know anything at all about this comic, needs no introduction.  But he’s getting one anyway.  Ladies and gentlemen, the work of Joost Haakman is of course some of my favorite comic art in the world.  Quite literally, as a matter of fact, since he’s based in the Netherlands.  Joost wrote and illustrated the books Semmie the Forest Gnome and Hop, the latter in Dutch and the former in both English and Dutch.  As an artist and writer he is among the most versatile I know, and this page shows all the hallmarks of his style – the dynamic motion, the colors, the depth of field, the layout.  Joost and I have collaborated in the past, and this is also the THIRD (count it, THIRD) guest page he has drawn for me, so let me tell you, when you add it all up he’s probably the artist I owe the most to for his support, exchange of ideas, and all-around top effort in helping me keep this comic going.  And if I haven’t said it enough, I’ll say it again: his work is simply stunning, and is in print, so I recommend you all grab copies of it today if you haven’t already!

As for me, this was a very long and busy week, bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders as I do (ha-ha-ha).  A lot of important business at the proverbial “office,” meetings and so forth, all of which had nothing at all to do with comics, except insofar as I have bills to pay.  And I do love my professional work, as well.  If I ever get a license, it would be nice, but, well… suffice it to say that letters from the licensing authority protesting that even though I’m eight years in and counting, they still think it should be even harder for me to become a licensed architect, and that it’s all for my own good… well, it’s not confidence-producing.  It’s beginning to feel more and more like a flimflam game the closer I get to the end of it all, which is really depressing, because it leaves a sour feeling in my stomach over the whole internship mess in this country.  But that’s neither here nor there, I guess.

As always, though, comics are my solace (well, that, and the fact that I love my job enough to go through all this bullcrap anyway).  So you can always check out this week’s progress, such as it is:

For now, I have to sleep.  Another big week is coming up.  All the best, folks!