For those of you who don’t know or can’t tell, I have, for the past three years, been aspiring to match the graphic mastery shown by Jim Francis in his comic Outsider, and his style is one from which I freely admit that I draw my greatest inspiration.  I do not lie when I say that I envy his skills as a comic artist very deeply.  And as a matter of fact, it was Jim’s early advice and technical assistance that got 6-Commando off the ground, so it’s no exaggeration to say that this comic would probably not be were it not for his help and inspiration.  Needless to say, then, when he agreed to chip in a page for this guest comic, I was thrilled in a way that a grown man ought not to be.  And the result, has left me simply astonished.  He’s drawn the most convincing Howlers I’ve ever seen – and that includes my own!  If you want to see more of his superb work, jet on over to his website and read Outsider.  It’s one of the comics I vote Most In Need Of An Animated Series, and I oughtta know!

Nor have I been idle this week!  As has been the habit, you can jet over to vote for 6-Commando to see what the week’s page is – the finally and at-long-last completed opening spread for 6-Commando, Season 1.  In yet another coincidence, there are Howlers involved there, as well!  Funny the parallels, there.  This page took a HUGE effort, so please take a look!

And lastly, many of you know of my deep and abiding interest in games of all kinds, and I happened upon one that really sums up what I love most about them.  It’s easy to dismiss games as an idle waste of time, but this one is so artful, the figures such beautiful works of sculpture, the artwork so emotive, and the themes so heartbreaking and human in spite of there not being a human in them at all, that I simply had to draw your attention to it.  Games, like comics, can be serious works of art, and this is the proof.  The game is This Quar’s War, and depicts a World War I-like milieu on an alien world, being fought by a race called the Quar, who are short, stout, anteater-like creatures who have been at war with themselves for over seven hundred years.  It’s so carefully realized and so beautiful in its execution that I could hardly stand it, even just looking at it.  It’s fine art in games form.  I was amazed, and if you have any interest in those kinds of things, I think you will be, too.

So that’s it from me, for this week.  On to the next revision – work work work!