Although I’ve never met Jason personally, he and I have been corresponding, and on occasion chatting over the internet, and I think I’ve gotten to know him pretty well.  So I think I speak from some experience when I say that I’ve never known him to do anything in half-measures.  This week’s page is no exception – Jason totally blew me away.  He’d warned me he was going to “run wild” with it, but holy cow, man!  Jason, if you don’t know, writes and draws the online graphic novel reMIND, winner of one of the last Xeric grants and now well enough known in the industry that I saw a copy of his book in the very shadow of the Empire State Building this past week.  I think the first printing of his book is now sold out, but keep your eyes open for a second printing – it’s a beautiful book from a really fantastic artist!

As for me, I’m back on track.  This weekend, you may have noticed we had a few hours of intermittent site blackouts, especially last night – that was me.  I was making some much needed upgrades and backups to the site’s architecture.  I hate HTML-fiddling, but my web host has a rather arcane method of backing up databases and such.  But it’s all done, the latest version of WordPress is installed, and we’re running at 100% once again.

I also did some drawing.  If you want to see it, I’ve put it over on for your viewing pleasure.  Oddly enough, this seems to be the week of God Guys Getting Beaten Up.  But oh, well.  Coincidence, I guess.

And this coming week is Independence Day in the United States, also known as “Th’ Fourth’a JuhLYE,” to those who for some reason don’t like to think too hard about the Revolution, when we celebrate the birth of the Republic.  It’s an oddly contentious time in this country, politically, but I do hope we will all still be able to have a good and relaxing holiday.

As for me, I’m off the bed.  All the best, folks!