This week, we are graced with the artistic skills of Aviv Itzcovitz, who, in addition to being a masterful illustrator and comic artist, is also a painter and graphic designer, and draws the silent comic Stupid Snake.  He has, in fact, just released the second book in the saga.  I envy him very deeply – he’s one of those kind of artists who seems to me to just get everything completely right the first time.  I know it’s not REALLY that way, but that’s how his artwork always seems to me.  Anyhow, I can’t possibly recommend Stupid Snake highly enough – check it out, and consider buying it in print, as well!

As for me, this week saw me doing very little drawing, actually; at least, not any that I’m quite ready to show you – I had a slowdown in revision so I ended up turning instead to some preliminary blockouts for Chapter IV, which is going to be a really fun one to draw (and hopefully to read), but no peeking, so this week there’s no voting incentive.  To be perfectly honest, though, most of the week was absorbed in a long-overdue cleaning of my apartment and studio, which, let me tell you, had gotten shamefully grotty.  My poor cat is now patrolling all the corners she likes to sit it, stopping occasionally to give me angry looks when she finds that her nests of fluff have been cleared away.  She has a lot of catching up to do.  And I have to resolve not to let it get that bad again.

This week also culminated in my third successive disappointment from NYCC, which has yet again rejected my application for space in Artist’s Alley.  I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed, because I am.  It basically sucks.  But I’m used to not being taken seriously by The Establishment, and it doesn’t deter me or alter any of my plans.  Besides, the majority of my readers, if Google is anything to go by, are in the Western US, Europe and Canada these days, so NYCC, though a nice goal, hardly makes or breaks any of my plans or deadlines in re: my intended readership.  I was still bummed out, though, I gotta say, so I basically decided to give myself the weekend off, and with a few days’ perspective, a clean studio, and a visit from an old friend of mine, I’m just going back to the drawing board and picking up where I left off.  I’ll just keep on plugging away.

All the best, folks, and see you next week!