Yet another beautiful guest page, this time by Anthony Bourne, the creator and illustrator of Gen-Eg, and one of the most superb military artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  He and I spoke (albeit briefly, and without recognition) at NYCC, and he, like everyone else who’s chipped into this project, is a total class act.  I strongly urge you to check out his other illustration work – it has a loose and really stylish sensibility that belies the heavy subjects he takes on, and he accomplishes more with black and white than many full-color photorealistic painters I know.

As for me, I’m making a change of pace this week, mainly because I’m in a bit of editing where the changes are so modest as to be, to my mind, uninteresting for anyone to look at but me, until they get a little farther along.  Instead, if you vote this week you’ll see a piece I did as a submission to an impromptu call for artwork for the new 6th Edition of Ogre.  Normally, I don’t do these kinds of things, since specs and competitions generally require heavy output for minimal return.  But Ogre being so important a spiritual antecedent to 6-Commando, I made an exception, and a scene came to me on Friday night (when the call was announced) and formed whole, as it were, in my mind.  So here’s one for all the Ogre fans of the world.

And so there you go!  Until next week, folks!