Our Kickstarter for the Spiderforest Anthology is LIVE LIVE LIVE!  Everyone, please, take a look and PLEASE help us make this one happen!  I am not, as you know, one to be too forceful about things, but I’m seriously, it’s a great book we’ve all put a ton of work into, and your help REALLY matters

Sergeant Vissarionov doesn’t appreciate visitors in his memories.

I’ll be of few words this week.  Work: lots of it, but not too much.  One always hopes for more, since it’s what pays my bills.  Heat: terrible and annoying.  Vacation: soon, but it won’t interrupt the comic.  If anything, I hope it will help!

And of course – Comic: good to be back!

And on that note, there’s another little something-something on the voting site.  A preview for the upcoming Anthology.  More on that story as it develops!

So, until next week!