So I’m finally – finally – homing in on a more stable life, from the looks of it.  No guarantees, as ever, but one project, at least, is at a close.  Thanks to your generous support, the project I’ve been working on all this time in the midst of my crazy, imploding life, is going to print at the end of the summer.  This piece is the 18 page short comic “A Death at the Gates of Heaven.”  It’s a science fiction murder mystery which I’ve co-created with Ally Rom Colthoff, author and illustrator of the now-complete epic fantasy graphic novel Chirault, and I really think it’s some of my best work, and Ally has done a stupendous job with the colors!  It will be in Volume 2 of Threads, the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective’s anthology, which, if all goes well, we will be bringing out at the Small Press Expo this year, and will also be available in digital formats.

After this, I will finally be getting back to 6-Commando, after a much longer than expected hiatus.  This is just my way of letting you all know that I’m still here and still thinking about it.  I know the wait has been interminable, and some day maybe I’ll be free to discuss the myriad reasons for this long delay, but I’m already getting antsy to come back to the story and I hope to do so very, VERY soon!

Thank you all for hanging in there with me