This scene, in an earlier draft, happened through a translator – I was not, originally, going to let the Kill-Bots speak English.  But it became to obtrusive and complicated for no real gain in the story that I added rudimentary English language to their software, for the sake of making the story go forward at a more reasonable pace.  Hopefully it’s not too contrived; it was the best thing I could manage to do with it.  Somehow, I doubt I’ll get any major objections.

Anyway, this was another “how the hell did I get this done” kind of page.  Oddly enough, I owe it all to taking a nap this afternoon.  Only about half an hour – but I was totally back on top of the task afterwards.  Who knew?  Strange things, these weird sleep habits I have.  In any case, I haven’t really anything substantive to add this week other than to say that I’m still truckin’, here.  Have a good one, everybody!