Just a little note, and sorry this is coming so late in the week, but still.  You all know by now, I’m sure, that this comic can take unexpected turns, but just a brief word that the next update may be one you might not want to check on your computer at work.  Nothing awful or horribly inappropriate, I don’t think, just, you know, heads up.

Okay, so, here we go, then.  Yes, more Russian, and again, many super-amazing SPECIAL thanks to Hilvon for his interpretation of this sequence, which has been exquisite!

Let me also take this opportunity to thank and welcome all the newcomers from last week!  I love having new people reading the comic and commenting on the site!  And although, as before, I have taken down the preview page from last week, again I assure you that I haven’t destroyed or deleted your comments – I keep them all!  I also want to apologize if I was snippy about the various problems I’ve had with legitimate comments getting fed into my spam filtering system, but I’m afraid that, unless you want a bajillion junk posts offering Listas de Email or low-cost male enhancement drugs, it’s the way it’s going to have to be.  I do, of course, understand people not wanting to put private info into the sign-in applet, but the easiest thing to do is make a free email account and use that to log in.  Then it won’t catch in my spam filter (unless it’s a red-flagged account, in which case you have bigger fish to fry) and you can just not bother with it again, and just use it for all your blog comments everywhere.  Nice, huh?

And now, the real deal: a special event, in honor of your bearing with me all this time while I’ve ebbed and flowed on my workload the past few weeks.  By not quite popular but still rather vociferous demand, I’ve put the subtitled version of the last two pages up on topwebcomics.com as a voting incentive.  It will remain there for ONE WEEK ONLY, and I beg you not to undermine Hilvon’s hard work unless you POSITIVELY CANNOT STAND to not know exACTLY what the Federate soldiers are saying to each other here.  But since so many people have been so desperate to know, I decided to give in, just this once.  Please don’t ruin it for yourself unless you absolutely have to.  God, I’m regretting it already.

Choose.  But choose wisely.

So there!  Another week goes by.  I’ll be back next week, so until then, be well and have a non-threatening, internationalist, multicultural week!

OH!  And if you DO read the subtitles, please DON’T tell anyone else.  It’ll ruin it for those who want to keep it in the original.