Yes, we got trouble.  With a capital T, and that rhymes with V, and that stands for… well, you know the rest.  And that… THAT… is the season finale, folks!

It is also quite a landmark in the story: we are officially halfway done!  WHEW!  What a hell of a thing!  If you’d asked me six years ago if I’d have made it this far, I’d never have believed it.  But this is a real milestone for me!  This is the point of no return folks – it’s all downhill from here!

So a few things.  First, I’m taking a brief vacation.  I won’t call it a “hiatus” since I plan to continue updating to some extent, but I have a side project I want to work on for a few weeks – I’ve promised myself I’ll try to finish this work by the end of October.  It’s no big secret or anything, but I’m not publicizing it beyond that for the time being.  So I’m going to put the comic on a brief break until November.  I’ll be in touch, though, I promise.  Maybe… some tanks will appear?  I believe specs for Howlers, Super Hind helicopters, and a few others are still out there… 😉

Second, there are some more new SpiderForest comics I want you all to check out!  Have a look at some science fiction!

Moon Gone Dark: The Wayfarer of the Nights follows an unknown path through the ages and the dreams of everything which anyone can dream.

Chronicles of Oro: A gang of teenagers wants to fight a zombie dragon with hand-me-down jewelry.

Storm and Desire (NSFW): Together, three women set out to learn the secret history of the multiverse.

XII: Of Magic and Muses: Hear the call. Accept the task. Unite.

White Noise: Characters engineered to be super soldiers band together to fight an alien invasion.

And finally, I say it all the time, but seriously, guys, all of you – THANK YOU for your continued patience and support.  I live a very busy and often quite laborious life, and the interaction, feedback, good wishes, emails – all of it really helps me get this done every week.  Even when I have delays or other troubles, you’ve stuck with me, and I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude.  Thank you, all!

All the best, folks!