I think this is the first “official” view of Mike’s creamy middle – his Gel Data Core.  Even though, in this world, they didn’t split the atom until the mid-1970s, they pushed computer technology well beyond ours by the 1990s, and Mike is the proof.  He’s blue on the inside.  And yet he speaks in green.  Funny, huh?

Man this week was one for the books.  Definitely a string of the strangest and most fascinating experiences of my life; I won’t go into detail, to protect the innocent, but suffice it to say, it all went well in the end, but required some fancy footwork on my part to make it all work out in the right order.  I guess that’s just the name of the game.

And now, I’m off to bed.  If this coming week is half as exciting as the last one was, I may just keel right over.  But what can you do but roll with it?  All the best, folks!

Oh, and I almost forgot – I put up a new voting incentive!  I got commissioned to do some artwork for an upcoming tabletop game called Freejumper, by Sam Mustafa of the well-known and well-respected Honour series!  I almost never do commissions, but this one was too much fun to pass up!  You can check out, and order, Sam’s awesome games here (and also keep up on news for Freejumper as it approaches completion):


and click this link to cast a TWC vote and see the art I’ve been doing for it here:

TWCgenCh3_voteHave a great week, everyone!