Yes, indeedy.  They said it couldn’t be done.  They said I was crazy to draw a comic.  They all laughed at me!  WELL WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!


Yes, that’s right, the One Hundredth Page of 6-Commando has arrived.  Not a truly titanic milestone, but it’s the longest I’ve ever worked on a comic project before, and this is as close as I’ve yet come to actually getting my act together enough to do something like this.  So I’m pretty enthusiastic about it all!  And the Giants won the Super Bowl, into the bargain!  Not that I’m a Giants fan – I’m actually an Eagles fan – but still, next best thing for me.

And as promised, I’m giving away free 6-Commando Stuff as part of this week’s celebratory game of 6-Commando Poker.  Want to know how to play?  It’s easy!

Each day this week, I’ll post a 6-Commando card as a voting incentive at  You can reach it by clicking my mug on the sample card to the left – that’s what they look like.  That’ll add up to five cards, making a hand of poker.  So all you have to do is vote once a day for the next five days, and collect the cards (write them down, save the image file, whatever you like).  Then, next Saturday, send me an email [mike-one-echo(at)viciousprint(dotcom)] telling me what the hand of poker was.  From these entries, I’ll draw ten winners to receive an official 6-Commando pin, five to get a pin and a free sketch card from me, hand-drawn, and one to get all that, AND a cameo appearance as a character in Chapter IV of 6-Commando.  Doesn’t that sound cool?  I think it does.

And since its a LOT easier to play, and requires essentially NO skill or esoteric knowledge, and I’m basically just THROWING free stuff at you, I hope you’ll all take the opportunity to participate.

And even if you don’t, I hope you’ll STILL take the chance to spread the word far and wide about 6-Commando, whether on forums, on Facebook, on Twitter, on anything you think will help 6-Commando keep up the recognition it’s been getting over the past 100 pages.  And let me say to everyone who reads, writes, and drops me notes about this comic, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It’s been a ton of fun so far, and it’s a constant thrill to me to see what attentive and intelligent people circulate around here.  You guys make it worthwhile, and I’m looking forward to the next hundred pages!

So, I hope everyone plays, and I’ll see you all next week!