Hey, everyone!  Sorry to be behind here but I’ve been travelling for the better part of a week now, with work and SPX (which was a blast, by the way – shout out to my SpiderForest creators there!), so things kind of went to the wall here.  But I’ll be back next week!  Thanks for the patience!

I’ve dealt with an awful lot of death for someone in their 30’s, though naturally not as much as some.  But either way, there’s just… I think there can be moments we get stuck in, and that can really make your life go in weird directions. There’s no such thing as “getting over” something like that, I don’t believe.  I think you just learn to live with it, or you don’t.

It was a rough one this past week, I gotta admit.  There’s really nothing I can do but try to hang on for the ride now.  But in the meantime, next weekend, I’ll be at SPX with the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective, at Table A-13-A14.  If you’re in the Washington DC/Bethesda area, please stop by and say hello!

All the best, folks!