Whoops! Missed my deadline – sorry about that, but I’ll have it up this evening! Just needed a little extra special effects attention!

In the future, this is what we’re going to be using lasers for.

Man this was a lousy week, and it culminated in this cough I’ve had since August finally blowing up into something just positively awful.Β  So, that’s just great. But nevertheless, I did manage to get this page together! But beyond that I’m sick and miserable so I’m leaving it short and going to bed, now.

Before I do, though, once again, my “Secret Project” is up on the “voting” page, so take a look if you like.

TWCgenCh3_vote2And there are two more Comics of the Week, so check them out, too!

Stargazer’s Gate: Atrina Vilanar discovers an alien civilization on the other side of a strange gate! Alien to Atrina, at least. People on the other side seem to recognize her. Back home, Leawyn still believes Atrina is alive, and will do anything to find her.

Storm and Desire: Three women’s fates collide as they uncover the secret history of the multiverse! STORM AND DESIRE is an epic sci-fi/fantasy adventure comic about three women whose fates collide: WYNDERIA, a scientist-musician & interdimensional explorer; LORELEI, a cyborg translator & occasional singer; and ANJETTE, an intelligent weapon system & occasional sorcerer. Together they set out to learn the secret history of the multiverse…