UPDATE: By the way, someone sent me an email this morning telling me 6-Commando was nominated (among over a hundred others) for something called ComicMix March Madness, and asking if I knew what that was.  I didn’t, and never heard of ComicMix before now, but, well, It looks interesting and I’m glad someone put my comic up for something!  So, basically, you go there and vote for all the comics you like and it turns into some kind of competition.  The deadline for the first round of voting is… okay, looks like about four hours from now, so we missed the boat on this one, but you can still squeeze one in if you like.  I only mention it because it happened to come up in my inbox this morning, and I never knew what it was before.  I’ll watch it though, and see what happens.  Interesting that someone put this comic in the bin, though, isn’t it?

Yeah, so, when I think about this page in isolation, it even confuses me a little bit.  But this scene has been part of the story for so long, and is so much a part of the greater flow of things now, that I’m setting my teeth and running with it.  I know you all probably weren’t really expecting a military comic to get abstract and experimental quite to this extent, but, well, I’m glad you’re sticking with it, anyway!

And the chapter isn’t over yet!  You probably noticed I’ve long since gone over my semi-typical 32-page mark for this chapter – it being the end of the first book, it needs a bit of a coda to tie the chapter up, so stay tuned!  After that, though… well, we’ll deal with that when we get there.  But suffice it to say that, though the “season” will be over for 6-Commando, the site will by no means be going down, and some really cool things are coming up for the interim to keep you all interested.  I’m really really excited about some of them, too, but it’s too early to announce it all for certain.  Just know that, at the far side, I’ll have a book for you, and I’m already laboring as hard as I can to make it the best book I can!

And as I’m sure you can tell from the icon here, the next two-page spread is the new voting incentive on topwebcomics.com (or at least, it will be very shortly).  Like last week, it has lots of little tweaks and changes I made, corrections to the pages.  Make your own comparisons and maybe you’ll see what I mean when I say the book needs editing before it goes to print!  ANd last week, 6-Commando went from #165 to #109 in a single day.  Still, I pursue these meaningless ranks.  I guess I’ve fallen into the trap.  But visibility is good, you know!

Oh, also, to everyone whose prizes from 6-Commando Poker were still not sent, I put the last of them in the mail first thing Saturday morning, so look for them soon!

And of course, finally, any artists out there interested in doing a little 6-Commando guest work during the upcoming hiatus, by all means contact me!  And to those who already have done so, I’m super-duper thrilled right out of my brain – the support is deeply appreciated and almost overwhelming to me, the number of people who have told me they’ll chip in!  I’m blown away.

Well, anyhow, we in the United States went on Daylight Savings Time today, where we lose an hour of sleep, so I’m all out of whack.  So I’ll just call it, here, and get to bed.  So, until next week, be well, and thanks for all the support, everyone!