Hey, everyone – it’s Sunday night and this week’s feature presentation has been pre-empted by me being sick all week.  Like an idiot I worked through the week and made myself progressively worse, but two days off have helped a great deal.  However, I went on a regimen of zero stress since Friday, and unfortunately that includes drawing comics on a Sunday deadline, so the comic is going to be back next week.

Sorry about the delay and thank you for understanding.  And all you out there who decide “I’m not THAT sick, I’ll just work a LITTLE overtime this week” – don’t do that.  Know how much overtime you can work when you’re immobilized?  Yeah.

Rubble is not as easy to draw as you might think, but it is a lot of fun.  This is what I’d like to call the first part of the “thrilling conclusion” phase of the chapter.  Cue the Carter Burwell soundtrack.  Or Jimi Hendrix?  Take your pick.

Just a lot of the same for me this week.  Nothing to report but more work, long hours, and general exhaustion.  You know, par for the course.  I’ll make it, though.

See you all next week.