Big busy week, to be followed next week by another… big, busy week.  Fact is, when you hit middle age and you have a career nearing the two decade mark, you have MORE to do every day, not less.  This week I’ll be traveling overseas, yet again, for several days.  However, I did have a profitable weekend: the rough manuscript of 6-Commando Season 1 is complete, and I’m taking some parts with me on my trip to work on in my down time – if I have any down time.

Not quite bad news, but it turns out that, apparently, the original drawings I did for the first chapter and a half of 6-Commando may have been inadvertently destroyed back in 2012, during Hurricane Sandy.  I lost quite a bit of artwork then when the storage unit below the house where I was living at the time flooded out.  I can’t confirm it but suffice it to say that the originals are gone and I can’t find them.  Which is a bummer but there it is.

So I’ve got about four pages’ worth of reconstruction I have to do to Chapter 2.  And I had also forgotten that those pages were in black and white because of my at the time transition from hand drawing to digital, so I’m pondering whether to make the reconstructive work minimal in the interests of maintaining the originality of the piece, or trying to complete them in color.  I lean towards the former at the moment, as this edition is mainly about showing my work, and leaving the “corrected” version for a Director’s Cut later down the line.

And I have to tell you, this book shows a HUGE development from the first page to the last – if nothing else it’s an artifact of the time and (maybe!) a demonstration that the best way to learn something is to dive the hell in and screw “not good enough.”

It’s also rekindling in me a little confidence about this story and where I was going with it.  The early chapters have some ambitious ideas and visuals that, frankly, came out better, for a beginner, than my memory had let me believe.

But enough out of me.  When I’m back from abroad, there’ll be more.  And so far, the book is looking VERY much the way I want it to.  I’m feeling good about making a July 5 deadline for the printer.

Keep on keepin’ on, everyone!