Another week goes by, and the first chapter keeps hurtling towards its conclusion.  More airplanes on this one – here we have a Tupolev Tu-22M “Backfire” bomber, (or at least, my fictionalized version of one) dropping a thermobaric missile on Mike.  I wonder if he can take the pressure?

Oy, bad puns.  But I just couldn’t resist.  At this point, by the way, I’m willing to call things officially back on the weekly schedule.  However, I do so with one caveat: next week is Mother’s Day in the United States (and elswhere) and so I’m currently planning a trip to see my long-suffering “Ma” next weekend, and I encourage everyone to do the same, wherever possible.  What that will mean for next week’s update is hard to say at this point, as a lot will depend on the schedule in my studio this week, but failing a full page, there will at least be some kind of holiday-appropriate filler material.  But there will be an update.

Let me add, also, that the support I’ve gotten from readers old and new over the past two weeks in particular has really been great.  I know that 6-Commando is far from alone in the webcomics world.  Frankly, how it is that the “top ten” manage to get 20-40,000 unique hits a day is beyond me.  But knowing that, even with my limited schedule and funding resources, I am still managing to produce something entertaining to the General Public, so to speak, is very reassuring.

Speaking of which, the folks at the New York Comic Convention have issued another delay in deciding whether or not I’ll have exhibiting space at the con in October, so no word yet there.  There’s also editing work to be done once this chapter is done, and then I have to explore printing options, etc.  So who knows.  Also looming on the very near horizon is something entirely non-comics related: my architectural licensing process is about to get a lot more irritating, as there’s a mountain of deferred paperwork I have to wade through before June.  So that’s in the mix.  But all told, things are getting into a decent shape now and I’m rolling onward.

So have a good week, folks, and keep on posting, voting, and whatever else!