UPDATE: I know that I have a few readers in Russia, so I wanted to add this: I was really shocked and saddened to hear about the terrorist attack in Moscow yesterday.  I don’t want to be lugubrious or sentimental or anything, but I do want to express my solidarity with the Russian people in their fight against terrorism, which is in many ways far fiercer and more dangerous than that being waged by the United States.  Attacks upon the unarmed and the innocent are disgraceful, and I deplore the loss of life in Moscow yesterday.  God willing, there will come a day when war and killing will be looked back on as the barbarism of the deep past – I hope that the people of that time will have the luxury of wondering, in peace, how we could do this to each other, because we simply can’t go on like this.  I don’t have any answers, of course.  Maybe nobody does.  But I continue to live in hope.

Here we go again!  And in case you were getting sick of this dream sequence, be assured, it’s moving forward.  But you knew poor Sarah wouldn’t be able to let herself be too happy and contented for too long.  Remember this guy?  His name, by the way, though as yet not spoken, is Vissarionov.  Good, solid Russian name for a SMERSH agent, I think.  But that’s neither here nor there.  As a menacing presence in Sarah’s mind, he does pretty well.  Personally, I feel he’s badly misunderstood.  But that’s a discussion for another time.

So, nothing really to report this week.  Work, and all that.  Had some side projects this weekend, doing a little graphic design for a show on Broadway (yay!) but I can;t get specific until after it opens, and it was a really small little thing anyway.  But still, it was fun to do.

And also, I’m going to try another round of advertising soon.  The sad reality of comics is that visibility counts, and you have to promote yourself to make a real throw of it.  So promote myself I shall, and thankfully, I have a little extra money laid aside for this purpose.  But you all can help, too!  In fact, just by reading, you already do!  But if you feel like this is a good comic, and you know others who you think would enjoy it, pass the word!  Or if you’re a reviewer of some stripe and you want to write this up, by all means let me know.  Or anything, whatever you like – it all helps.

So yeah.  Another week, another page!  Be well, folks, and see you next Monday!

Oh, and by the way, I’ve finally updated the voting incentive.  It was going to be the sketch from the last page, but it was too embarrassing, so I just threw something together with robots.  Vote and enjoy!